How to get rid of tan in 3 weeks only

There are four important tips if you follow them your tan will disappear within 3 weeks and your skin will return back healthy and refresh to its normal color without a tan. First, the cleanser containing whitening products you should use in at morning and night regularly. Second, the creams and masks containing lactic acid, arbutin, and niacinamide using the cream daily and the mask weekly will help your skin a lot. Third the most

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Are You Have Hollow Teeth?

 In a few days, a global celebratory evening will take place, one of the few days on the calendar where we will get to wear and impersonalize characters from our favorite movies or human history. Parties and events will take place suitable for every age group, and in the modern world, we managed to bring our imagination to creation by facilitating these events to a safe level for everybody to enjoy. But we seem to

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Do We Need to modify our teeth brushing technique in Ramadan?!!

In fact, most people change their diet habits during Ramadan, having 2 meals; Iftar ( breaking the fasting ) & Suhoor ( late-night snack meal, those 2 meals and whatever is in between them is totally different story than having the regular 3 meals. First of all, the timing of those two meals in ramadan is mostly evening and late at night, while during the day fasting is almost 12-15 hours, so if you forgot

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We know that orthodontic care is a big investment in your child’s oral health, and the trust you place in us is important. You and your child should feel fully confident in the journey ahead, so let’s take a look at some of the top things you should know about the orthodontic process before your child begins treatment! Orthodontic treatments are not meant to just straighten your teeth Many people mistakenly believe that orthodontics focuses

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