Root canal treatment, Truth and Myth

Root canal Treatment as we call it in dentistry is a procedure might be needed for many reasons; the most common reason would be deeper decay reaching the root canal of the tooth/ or the heart of the tooth as some refer to, and we wouldn’t be left with any other options to save the tooth and preserve it before carrying out the root canal treatment, the second reason could be following a trauma to

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ARE THE RETAINERS AN IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT? Getting your braces off is always a BIG DAY! But it is important to keep in mind that after your braces have been removed, the orthodontic treatment isn’t over. Retainers must be worn after your braces or Invisalign treatment, in order to keep your teeth aligned and ensure the best lasting results for the appearance of your smile WHY DO YOU NEED TO WEAR YOUR

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Stress and implications in your dental Health

Stress is a very common reason behind many health problems, yet you might be surprised by the effect it could cause on your oral health as well. Nowadays with the global pandemic (COVID-19), almost every single person of us is affected in one way or another, adding a huge stress factor to everyone above the daily life challenges most people are going through. In addition to the known medical problems: In addition to the known

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Orthodontics in adults

Orthodontics in adults…is it too late to have my teeth straightened? Have you spent years being unsatisfied with the way your smile looks, but think it might be too late to do anything about it? Would you love to have straighter teeth but aren’t sure, if braces are something you could pull off as an adult? Has it become increasingly difficult over the years to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as they should

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