Elipse Balloon

What is the Elipse Balloon and how does it work to reduce the weight ?

The Elipse Balloon, the world's first procedureless balloon.

With the Elipse Balloon in your stomach. you can eat less without feeling hungry.

All the benefits of a gastric balloon without endoscopy or anesthesia.

Following 16 weeks of therapy, on average, patients lose about 15kgs.

Health benefits include improved glycemic control, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and higher reported guality of life.


How will a clinical dietitian help me along the way ?

Highly Personalised nutrirional coaching to help you consolidate healthy habits.

With the Elipse Program, you are not alone, you will receive ongoing support from your physician and a nutritional coach for the duration of the program.


How many sessions will I be scheduled with my dietitian?

5 in total - one before the placement and 4 during the 16 week program.


What will I get in addition to the dietitian and how can I send my weight to her during the sessions ?

There is a scale given by the Elipse program and an application where you send all your data to your dietitian and in this way you are always in contact with her.

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