Facial skin care at home

Facial skin care at home

Facial skincare at home

  • Don’t ever sleep with makeup on your face.
  • You must clean your face at least twice in the day, in the morning and evening.
  • Don’t use soap to clean your face you must use a liquid cleanser; soap would dry your face
  • You must choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin.
  • Use tonic after cleaning the face.
  • Only after cleaning the skin, you can apply the day or night creams.
  • Regularly use products with fruit acids. They help to level the surface of the epidermis, relieve dead skin flake plus they have a softening effect on the skin and comedones.
  • Use a fruit acid scrub or a cleansing skin-softening mask to remove dead skin particles in the deeper layers.
  • Never squeeze comedones and acne papules by yourself, let the specialist do that. in fact, if you start squeezing the comedones with dirty hands, you would cause infection over the area. Even ripe comedones will most likely not succumb to your efforts. You will begin to exert strong pressure on it; as a result, the greasy plugs will not raise to the surface of the skin, but would rather go deeper into the epidermis thus Spreading and causing an infection, and would create additional inflammation, and smallpox scar would form at the site of the comedones that you tried to squeeze out.

Dr. Walid Abdel Malak



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