How to maintain your oral health this winter?

How to maintain your oral health this winter?

Most of us think of winter as the time of nice quiet evenings, hot drinks, and cozy family times; you would be surprised when you get to know the effects of the drop in temperatures on your oral health.
As the temperature drops, windy days and drier climates are more expected, all of which puts you at increased risk of developing lots of common oral and dental problems as follows; 
1. Dry mouth, which is considered as the most common issue as a result of the lessened moisture in the air, reduced fluids intake thus leading to less salivary production. which could be reduced with increasing fluids intake, or the use of air humidifiers indoors.
2. Cold sores, canker sores: small ulcerations seen inside the mouth; usually triggered by stress, fatigue, and of course cold weather. increasing fluids intake and continuous local moisturizer applications (lip balms) are always recommended to prevent such breakouts. most important point is to keep washing your hands and avoid contacting them.

3. Teeth sensitivity, breathing in the cold air, and continuous consumption of hot drinks lead to tooth pain, to relieve such discomfort adding toothpaste for sensitive teeth could help combat those symptoms 
4. Gum infections; as immunity lowers; gums become more prone to infections and inflammations showing in the forms of occasional bleedings, ulcerations, and other types of lesions.


Tips for better Oral condition:

  • Brush your teeth regularly, twice daily, replacing your toothbrush every two or three months.
  • Floss your teeth daily.
  • Keep your dental checkups on schedule every 4-6 months.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated.
  • Contact your dentist for any concerns or dental problems.

Dr. Amel Kamal

General Dental Practitioner



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