Choosing the ideal time to perform plastic surgery is not always easy, but it coincides with the time when dedication to the procedure may be the best possible. For this reason, winter offers the best conditions to enhance the results of the surgical procedure.

An important reason is that in the colder season there is less tendency for edema. In general, in the heat, most people tend to have more swelling. In addition, with less sun exposure in winter, the restoration of some interventions in the postoperative period is much quicker and smoother.

Plastic surgery can include incisions, sutures, swelling, bruises, and other situations that expose that a surgical procedure has occurred so in winter it is easier to maintain discretion because of the greater amount of clothing we commonly wear in winter, leaving secret signs of surgery.

For example, in the winter for liposuction, the low temperature makes it easier to use the compression belt, because, under the winter clothes, the compression meshes are more hidden. In the summer, the strap helps to warm the body because it is made of elastic and synthetic material, which prevents the use of short or sleeveless clothes.

In addition, sweating increases the chances of contamination of the surgical wound, compromising recovery in the postoperative period. In the heat the vessels dilate more, generating greater swelling because the liquids overflow to the treated places. In this way, the use of the brace is more comfortable in winter because this swelling is minimized with the cold.

In fact the demand increases at this time of the year, the demand can be five times greater, compared to the summer. The interval between the arrival of summer is another factor that leads many people to look for plastic surgeons’ offices.

Dr. Paulo Hypacio

Specialist Plastic Surgery

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