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Do We Need to modify our teeth brushing technique in Ramadan?!!

In fact, most people change their diet habits during Ramadan, having 2 meals; Iftar ( breaking the fasting ) & Suhoor ( late-night snack meal, those 2 meals and whatever is in between them is totally different story than having the regular 3 meals. First of all, the timing of those two meals in ramadan is mostly evening and late at night, while during the day fasting is almost 12-15 hours, so if you forgot

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Why do we need to check your Dental implants every six months??

Why we need to check your Dental implants every six month?? As we choses to place a foreign object in our body like a heart pace maker, heart stent, artificial joint or dental implant, then we should put into consideration that these life changing medical devices have to be checked every while and then. I can understand that some patients could miss scaling and polishing follow up visit for any reason, but missing dental implant

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Dental Implants, search for the Quality

Dental Implants,,, search for the QUALITY! Replacing missing teeth has never been easier and more predictable: Thanks to dental implants that open to our patients another chance to restore their missing teeth, get back their masticatory function and helps them to quit using their removable dentures to improve their self-esteem. Doing a single dental implant procedure will take no more than 60 minutes under local anesthesia in the dental office, side effects postoperatively- if any

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