The 4 most important questions about diet

The 4 most important questions about diet

1-What kind of fat is ok to eat?

Not all fat is created equal. Fish nuts and avocados are healthy sources of fat. Minimize fried food and eliminate trans fat completely from your diet. Go for low-fat options when you chose a diary.

2-How can we add more fluid to our diet?

Water is the best source of hydration. Yet sometimes We need additional options, I would suggest Soups and fruits ( ex: watermelon and grapes ). Try to also go for low-fat yogurt and milk these are also fluids.

3-How important is Vitamin D?

The recommended vitamin D is usually not enough from diet
Everyone should be on vitamin D supplements. It’s best to take your blood work and discuss them with your doctor before starting on any supplement. Many foods have added vitamin D now. Good vitamin D sources include fish (ex: sardines ), eggs, mushrooms, fortified options that can be fortified Laban or milk.

4-Is always sugar-free good for you?

Not quite, some use it for marketing purposes and you need to read your nutrition facts – some might add more fat to the expense of removing the sugar.


By Nagham Noureddine



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