Vaser Lipo

Vaser lipo

What is it and what to expect from the technique?

What you need to keep in mind is that Vaser lipo is a variation of the common liposuction technique, but using ultrasound.
In this procedure, a type of cannula is used that triggers ultrasound waves in the areas of the body.
As a result of this action, it is easier for fat to be eliminated through liposuction. And skin tightening is comparatively better than conventional liposuction.
The technique is considered quite advanced since it makes use of an ultrasonic technology capable of preserving important body tissues, as well as nerves and blood vessels.
So it is a safer alternative for the patient, while it can reduce post-procedure pain, it causes less bruising and a faster recovery.

High definition liposuction

What is it and what to expect from the technique?

The focus of high definition liposuction is to improve the definition of the body's natural muscle lines, highlighting the curves.
This is probably one of the most talked-about and performed techniques today since it uses the technique of liposculpture but in a more advanced way.
Unlike other methods, high definition liposuction guarantees the elimination of fat and greater muscular design without creating false fat packs.
It is important to say that high definition liposuction is not based on just one idea, but on the set of techniques capable of reaching the patient's goal.
This way, you can make a Vaser lipo, conventional lipo, and power-assisted liposuction and still be a high definition lipo.

When is the procedure recommended?

First, medical recommendations should always serve as a basis for any type of surgical intervention, whether aesthetic or not.
So, before you imagine that you are going to stay with the slim body or lose weight, take it easy to assess your real condition.
As for the preoperative, you may have to undergo a series of tests and analyzes before getting close to the procedure.
Medical recommendations also include a balanced diet, attempted natural weight loss, and plenty of rest.
More importantly, each procedure is only recommended when practiced by really qualified professionals, who really have training and experience in a sterile environment and prepared for any complications.

High definition liposuction promotes greater results, as a combination of techniques occurs. Just by following the body's natural lines, high definition liposuction can make the appearance more athletic.

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