Choosing the ideal time to perform plastic surgery is not always easy, but it coincides with the time when dedication to the procedure may be the best possible. For this reason, winter offers the best conditions to enhance the results of the surgical procedure. An important reason is that in the colder season there is less tendency for edema. In general, in the heat, most people tend to have more swelling. In addition, with less
Everyone has a different smile and therefore each individual bite problem is unique. In orthodontics, your “bite” refers to the way the upper and lower teeth come together. In a perfect bite, both the upper and lower teeth should properly meet when biting down. However, due to malocclusions (or bad bites), teeth often improperly meet. Fortunately, common bite problems can be corrected by a specialist Orthodontist. When you visit an Orthodontist, you will have a
Most of us think of winter as the time of nice quiet evenings, hot drinks, and cozy family times; you would be surprised when you get to know the effects of the drop in temperatures on your oral health.   As the temperature drops, windy days and drier climates are more expected, all of which puts you at increased risk of developing lots of common oral and dental problems as follows;    1. Dry mouth,
Male self-esteem may be affected by Gynecomastia Gynecomastia is the abnormal development of breasts in men and is a problem that affects male self-esteem. This breast volume can be a glandular, adipose (fat), or mixed component. This disease can affect the physical and psychological of man, and can even cause other diseases, such as depression. The causes of the problem can come in three ways where genetics and carelessness with the body are involved. Causes

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