The plastic surgeon gives tips on how to get back in shape after pregnancy Waking up several times in the morning is just one of the many changes in Mom’s life. Aesthetically, after childbirth, the most visible change in the female form is the accumulation of weight. The recovery of physical form is directly related to the number of pounds that put on weight during pregnancy and the habits adopted before and after delivery. According
Facial skincare at home Don’t ever sleep with makeup on your face. You must clean your face at least twice in the day, in the morning and evening. Don’t use soap to clean your face you must use a liquid cleanser; soap would dry your face You must choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin. Use tonic after cleaning the face. Only after cleaning the skin, you can apply the day or night
1-What kind of fat is ok to eat? Not all fat is created equal. Fish nuts and avocados are healthy sources of fat. Minimize fried food and eliminate trans fat completely from your diet. Go for low-fat options when you chose a diary. 2-How can we add more fluid to our diet? Water is the best source of hydration. Yet sometimes We need additional options, I would suggest Soups and fruits ( ex: watermelon and
Do you have any idea why we call it wisdom tooth? Because it’s erupt during the time your brain become mature thus it’s the last tooth to erupt in patient’s mouth and its erupt between the age 18 and 25. Most of the time this tooth has no space in the jaw to erupt that’s why it’s remain impacted inside the bone or partially erupted. Third molars or wisdom teeth located at the end of

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