Face Deep Cleaning

Face Deep Cleaning

Our sebaceous glands constantly excrete a special oily substance, designed to protect the skin from dryness and from the harmful effects of the environment. Appearing on the surface of the skin, it is mixed with keratinized scales. During the normal cell renewal cycle, the skin is cleaned independently. But under the influence of stress, hormonal disruptions, lack of sleep, an abnormal diet, underlying medical issues sebum production increases, and the cell renewal cycle slows down. As a result, the sebaceous glands become clogged, cease to function normally, increase in size, and comedones (back or white heads) appear on the surface.

Since comedones are deep inside, no creams, scrubs, masks will help you get them. Relieve the life of your skin, giving it a smooth and aesthetic appeal will only help professional face deep cleaning by a cosmetologist.

Cleansing of the face is not such a pleasant, but nevertheless necessary ritual, which brings its positive results and, if properly performed, would not cause damage to the skin.

How we do the deep cleaning

First the cosmetologist must remove the makeup from the face then he will apply a special  gel mask for 30min to 45min to open the pores and hydrate the  skin.

1-Ultrasonic cleaning

The cleaning itself is performed using a device with a spatula-nozzle, through which an ultrasonic acoustic wave is applied to the skin. At this point, a vibratory massage is performed at the cellular level. This procedure helps in opening of the pores, clean the face from dead skin scales, stimulates blood flow, oxygen supply to the skin, stimulate the  metabolism in the cells and  improves the tone of the epidermis.

2- Mechanical face cleaning

The cosmetologist directs a stream of light on the face, checking your skin through a magnifying glass and squeezes comedones, being in sterile gloves. If the comedodone has matured and is closed, the doctor moves the cap back and pulls it out with a disposable needle from the syringe.

In order to close the pores and soothe the skin, a pore-narrowing mask will be applied for 15 minutes.

The procedure is long and somehow painful, but as a result the skin is well cleansed from comedones, and dead cells.

If your skin is normal then you have do it twice yearly. But if you have Acne, hormonal failures, then you will need a deep cleaning procedure at least 3-4 times in the year.

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