(High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a technique that was created for those who are interested in tightening their skin but are not willing to go through injections or surgical plastic procedures.

With the HIFU lifting, ultrasound energy is directed to various depth levels of the skin. The penetration depth of the HIFU pulses during the procedure could reach up to 4.5 mm. in comparison to other methods that work at a depth of only 1.5 mm, this is a kind of breakthrough in cosmetology.

The lifting procedure is carried out by using high-intensity focused ultrasound waves that are effective at a strictly specified depth, without affecting the surrounding tissues; at this point, the tissues warm up to 65-70 ° C. The sensor creates lines at a given depth from thermocoagulation points located at the same distance from each other, compresses and reduces collagen fibers, and also activates the formation of new elastin fibers, and starts the process of neocollagenesis (which is the formation of new collagen as a result of an inflammatory response to injury). This allows the patient to get the effect of 3D lifting in all layers of soft tissues of the face. The synthesis of new collagen fibers can extend for 3-4 months, providing an increasing visual effect.

The duration of the procedure usually ranges from 30-60 minutes. For many clients, the effect is felt immediately, but the final outcome reaches its optimum level as the process of remodeling and collagen renewal increases within 3-4 months. The HIFU face lifting is usually performed once (in 1.5-2 years). Sessions are often held not only on the face but also on the neck and decollate.

The HIFU is not only recommended to correct existing problems but also aids in preventing soft tissue ptosis.

HIFU has no downtime, you can undergo the procedure during your lunch time and go to your work immediately after that.

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