Peeling Treatments

Peeling treatment

Peeling is a cosmetic procedure during which a controlled burn to the skin is performed. As a result, new, regenerated skin looks smoother and less wrinkled than the skin before the procedure.

Indications for peeling:

Photo-aging, acne, post-acne, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, fine-wrinkled skin, decrease in skin elasticity, bad texture, and scars.


Skin damage, the presence of inflammation, infection, the tendency to scarring, and individual intolerance to the component of the peel.

Why do you have to do peeling?

Peeling fights the signs of aging and eliminates pigmentation. After the first session, you can see how the general condition has improved. The skin becomes more toned and elastic.

Previously, cosmetologists recommended doing peels in autumn and winter, but now there is a special peel that if you will do it with good sun protection will give you quite good results. After peeling, pigmentation will be more less, hydro balance is restored, the skin of the face becomes smooth and tender and the texture will be good.

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