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Clear Aligners

We offer a modern solution of straightening your teeth through clear aligners, made specifically to fit your mouth.

Clear aligners are a group of aligners specially designed for each patient, fitted throughout the treatment plan span until we reach our treatment goal of a naturally straightened smile.

Teeth are sometimes in an irregular position since their outgrowth and sometimes they move later in life. With clear aligners, we can treat various orthodontic irregularities and achieve a beautiful smile without the discomfort from having metal on your teeth, and that is not the only reason for choosing a clear aligner; unlike traditional braces, aligners can be removed to allow you to brush and floss well and enjoy all the meals. So without any wires, nor brackets in your teeth; clear aligners offers a chance to correct misalignment, crooked teeth, and faulty bites.

How does Clear Aligners work?

A group of clear aligners are designed specifically as a plastic replica for you, along with a number of tooth-colored attachments which are placed over the teeth; gently move the teeth while applying gentle pressure, and slightly re-positioning them.

How long do i need to wear the clear aligners?

Clear aligners are recommended to be worn 22 hours/ day. each set is worn from a week to two weeks according to the orthodontist instructions before moving to the following set of clear aligners.

How many aligners will i need?

the number of clear aligners vary according to the clinical need of each patient, and are decided by the orthodontist.

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