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How to avoid droopy eyelids?

Droopy eyelids… yea it’s not fun especially if it appears at a young age and especially if you don’t want to undergo any surgeries. Perhaps most of these people who are suffering from eyelid drooping (ptosis of eyelids) think that cosmetic surgeries are the only way to solve this unpleasant problem. it was like that maybe 5 years ago, but now we can offer an alternative non-surgical method to solve this problem, it is not

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Welcome to The Ortho-Patients Team at SMILE STUDIOS, this guide will help you understand the main care you must have with the appliances  (Braces and archwires) during your Ortho-treatment, in order to achieve the best results.   ORAL HYGIENE WITH BRACES When you have braces, it’s very important to brush and floss thoroughly after every meal or snack in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout your treatment. Please follow the recommendations given

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Dental Implants, search for the Quality

Replacing missing teeth has never been easier and more predictable than is nowadays, thanks to dental implants which open for our patients another chance to restore their missing teeth, get back their masticatory function, and help them to quit using their removable dentures to improve their self-steam. Doing a single dental implant procedure will take no more than 60 minutes under local anesthesia in the dental office, and side effects postoperatively if any can be

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Post care instruction after sinus lifting

Post-care instruction after sinus lifting  If you have received a direct sinus lift, please: Refrain from blowing your nose for up to 4 weeks following your surgery. If sneezing, do not hold your nose. Keeping your eyes and mouth open when you feel a sneeze coming helps you to not sneeze. Take all medications as prescribed, including decongestants. Avoid flying in pressurized aircraft, scuba diving, bearing down when lifting heavy objects, blowing up balloons, playing

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