How to avoid droopy eyelids?

How to avoid droopy eyelids?

Droopy eyelids… yea it’s not fun especially if it appears at a young age and especially if you don’t want to undergo any surgeries. Perhaps most of these people who are suffering from eyelid drooping (ptosis of eyelids) think that cosmetic surgeries are the only way to solve this unpleasant problem. it was like that maybe 5 years ago, but now we can offer an alternative non-surgical method to solve this problem, it is not so simple but it is not a surgery.  

With the advancement of cosmetic therapeutic techniques, the specialized medical engineers who are working in the field of cosmetic medicine were able to offer a device or a technique that is capable to solve this problem without going back to surgeries and to escape their side effects. This technique is called plasma- fibrobast or plasmage.

The plasmage technique works on the basis of stimulating the production of fibroblasts, collagen, and Elastin inside the skin, which leads to strengthening, plumping, and tightening of the skin of the eyelids and not only!

We can use this technique to improve the skin of the neck, De’colte and many other places it is also can be used to treat stretch marks (the white lines that appear in the abdomen and thighs during pregnancy), we can also use it in excision of many skin tags.

This procedure must be done by a specialized doctor who underwent qualified training under the supervision of qualified trainers. Before the procedure, the doctor examines and evaluates the condition and gives the patient a full explanation of the procedure, aftercare, and as well about the side effects that may occur. then it is better to make a test on a small part of the skin to observe the reaction of the skin, the patient will be asked to come again after 14 days if everything is ok, with no hyper or hypo pigmentation then we can do the procedure. The procedure itself will take from 40 to 60 minutes.


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Dr. Waled Abdul Malak

Specialist Dermatologist-Cosmetologist


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