Do We Need to modify our teeth brushing technique in Ramadan?!!

Do We Need to modify our teeth brushing technique in Ramadan?!!

In fact, most people change their diet habits during Ramadan, having 2 meals; Iftar ( breaking the fasting ) & Suhoor ( late-night snack meal, those 2 meals and whatever is in between them is totally different story than having the regular 3 meals.

First of all, the timing of those two meals in ramadan is mostly evening and late at night, while during the day fasting is almost 12-15 hours, so if you forgot to brush and you don’t brush all this time you will end up by having bad mouth breath all through the day beside that 15 hours is more than enough for oral bacteria to ruin teeth.

Secondly, mouth dryness is a common issue during the day of Ramadan, dryness is a perfect media for oral infections and teeth Caries, brushing during the day or in mid of fasting will enhance mouth hydration and help protect teeth from damaging dryness

Our advice is that brushing at least 4 times during Ramadan day is the best approach; first, once u finish your first meal ( iftar ), 2nd is before sleeping, and third, once you wake up, last is preferable during the day for mouth hydration.


Dr. Mohammad Khiar


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