What is fibroblast therapy?

What is fibroblast therapy?

Fibroblast therapy is a new method of cosmetic treatment that targets the fibroblast cells in the dermis. These cells are responsible for the production of collagen and many proteins in our skin.


How does fibroblast therapy work?

-For the procedure we use a device called a plasma pen. A plasma pen without touching the skin releases a target current above it, which can cause tissue contraction and stimulate fibroblast activity which can lead to skin rejuvenation and tightening.

Where we can use this method of treatment?

Fibroblast therapy can be used for:

-Eyelids tightening.

-Wrinkles treatment (face, Neck, decollate, etc.).

-Scars treatment.

-Excision of warts, Papillomas, and many other benign tumors of the skin

Is it safe?

-In the majority of cases it is a very safe treatment but as with all the other treatments, it may have side effects.

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Dr. Walid Abdel Malak

Specialist Dermatologist-Cosmetologist


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