Why we need to check teeth alignment before doing a smile make-over?!

Why we need to check teeth alignment before doing a smile make-over?!

Why we need to check teeth alignment before doing a smile make-over?!

I cannot blame most of my patients for being in rush to fix their smile in a week, of course, social media and the madness of before and after photos along with celebritie’s smile give the patient the motivation to be superstars in just 2 visits!

But let’s just ask ourselves one simple question …. If those teeth and smiles took years to be in this unfavorable situation, then how a dentist is going to fix them in just 2 visits?

Teeth wear, previous extractions, spacing, deep bite, open bite, maligned or crowded teeth are all situations that took years to from our lives to happen and of course need serious considerations of teeth alignment before considering dental veneers, otherwise tremendous trimming and shivering of natural teeth will be needed to correct or align these teeth, which is a non-conservative approach that mostly will cause teeth sensitivity, possible root canal treatments and of course more chances to have malocclusion and bite problems!

On the other hand, most of my patients who approve of doing orthodontic treatment for their teeth to fix their smile end up having more than 90% satisfaction results, and guess what..?? They even drop doing dental veneers from their wish list as their natural teeth give them all what they dreamed of!

Thanks to the new orthodontic technology which gives us more options of clear braces or even clear aligner; our patients now can enjoy a more aesthetic appearance with their treatment. Not to mention the chances nowadays to hide everything behind our face masks!!

Finally, it is really worth it to give yourself another chance and fix your own natural smile, few months is all that is needed and the results are less traumatic and long-lasting,,, of course with a well-planned treatment plan done by specialists and professionals who are experienced


Dr. Mohammad Khiar


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