Dental Implants, search for the Quality

Dental Implants, search for the Quality

Dental Implants,,, search for the QUALITY!

Replacing missing teeth has never been easier and more predictable:

Thanks to dental implants that open to our patients another chance to restore their missing teeth, get back their masticatory function and helps them to quit using their removable dentures to improve their self-esteem.

Doing a single dental implant procedure will take no more than 60 minutes under local anesthesia in the dental office, side effects postoperatively- if any – can be overcome easily by simple pain killers.

Nowadays even patients with resorbed jaw bone can be treated with dental implants using bone substitute materials and this also can be done in dental offices, thanks to the advanced technology of 3D dental x-rays and digital intraoral scanners; fixing a crown over a dental implant can be done precisely and with less number of visits.

Search for the Quality!

Choosing a specialized dental professional is a key factor in the success and quality of dental implant procedure, a periodontist, prosthodontist, or maxillofacial surgeon are well trained in the full process of this dental procedure and can avoid possible complications that could happen if the dental implant was placed by a non-experienced dentist.

Dental implants can be placed for most patients aged 18 years old and above:

There are very few medical conditions that could contraindicate placing dental implants if these conditions are not controlled, consultation with a proper physician would also be more assuring to be on the safe side.

Taking care of the dental implants at home with regular oral hygiene measures like tooth brushing and teeth flossing is need, besides regular checkup, every 6 months will also be of great value to maintain them and increase the lifetime of the treatment.

Finally, I would recommend dental implants for almost all of my patients as the first option as it is less invasive, less costly & durability & of course to be done by a SPECIALIST.


Dr. Mohammad Khiar


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