What is fibroblast therapy?

Fibroblast therapy is a new method of cosmetic treatment that targets the fibroblast cells in the dermis. These cells are responsible for the production of collagen and many proteins in our skin.   How does fibroblast therapy work? -For the procedure we use a device called a plasma pen. A plasma pen without touching the skin releases a target current above it, which can cause tissue contraction and stimulate fibroblast activity which can lead to

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Toothpaste with gritty components is fashionable, but are they safe?

Toothpaste with gritty components is fashionable, but are they safe? There are only two ways to whiten your teeth, either by physically rubbing a layer of your enamel or chemically dissolving the stains! But before using charcoal-based toothpaste or any other grainy toothpaste, you should know that those products haven’t received the Seal of Acceptance by the American Dental Association, for many reasons: 1-they will deteriorate the enamel, which will expose your teeth to decay

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How does stress affect the health of your teeth?

 Stress is a very common reason behind many health problems, yet you might be surprised by the effect it could cause on your oral health as well. Nowadays with the global pandemic (COVID-19), almost every single person of us is affected in one way or another, adding a huge stress factor to everyone above the daily life challenges most people are going through. In addition to the known medical problems related to highly stressful daily

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How to avoid droopy eyelids?

Droopy eyelids… yea it’s not fun especially if it appears at a young age and especially if you don’t want to undergo any surgeries. Perhaps most of these people who are suffering from eyelid drooping (ptosis of eyelids) think that cosmetic surgeries are the only way to solve this unpleasant problem. it was like that maybe 5 years ago, but now we can offer an alternative non-surgical method to solve this problem, it is not

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