Why orthodontic treatment matters for teens?

Braces for teens ensure not only a lifetime of happier, more self-confident smiles, but also teeth and jaws that are properly aligned, promoting better oral and physical health. Right now, your teen is at the ideal age for addressing orthodontic concerns, since it’s easier to reposition teeth and jaws while they’re still growing. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for orthodontic problems to  get bigger as your teens grow and become adults. Once facial growth is

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One of the most important questions you will ask yourself is how long your Orthodontic treatment with Braces or Invisalign will take to straighten your teeth. And the answer is:   “The period of the treatments varies from one patient to another”.  Several factors like age, type of problem, and type of treatment affect the duration of your Orthodontic Treatment. For instance, patients with severe issues such as jaw misalignment should wear braces or aligners for

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Why do we need to check your Dental implants every six months??

Why we need to check your Dental implants every six month?? As we choses to place a foreign object in our body like a heart pace maker, heart stent, artificial joint or dental implant, then we should put into consideration that these life changing medical devices have to be checked every while and then. I can understand that some patients could miss scaling and polishing follow up visit for any reason, but missing dental implant

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What is an orthodontist?

This is a very common doubt that comes  around the ????????? ?????… Please take your time to read this very valuable information for you .  Although there are some General Dentists that offer Orthodontic Treatments such as  ??????????, ?????? ??? ?????????, unfortunately patients are rarely aware of the amount of training the dentist has had in the Orthodontics field, plus their experience with a particular appliance and with complex cases. What is the difference between a ??????? and an ?????????????

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